In order to realize a shoes made on measure for every customer, we have developed a measurement process based on 3D scan technology so that we are able to create custom molds for every customer’s feet.

3D Feet Measurement – Bespoke Last

Custom Last

Custom lasts realized according to customer’s feet measures as detected by the 3D scanner, a custom last provide a perfect fit. The measurement process is done just the first time, once done, this allow to use the custom last of that customer for every future shoes he buys.

Manual Measurement of The Feet

  1. Draw circumference of both feet (pen slightly inward inclined). MEASURE “FL”

2. Measure the girth of the ball of the foot (widest point). MEASURE “BG

3. Measure “IF”


Take a photo of booth drawn feet placing a tape inside as shown in the pic on the down